Designer viruses move personalized cancer treatment forward

The O’Shea Lab’s system identifies the most effective therapy for individual patients

Image: By Abby Tabor | Science Writer at NASA's Ames Research Center

Specially constructed viruses could make it possible to identify the precise types of tumor cells present in an individual cancer patient, thus revealing which therapies are most likely to be effective. 

The lab of Dr. Clodagh O’Shea has patented their work on such a system, using efficient modular construction of different viruses to be used as viral labels of circulating tumor cells in a patient’s blood sample.

These viral reporters infect their target cell, allowing its malignant characteristics to be identified within 24 hours. This system is a powerful tool for identifying the right treatment for each individual patient and for clinical testing, to stratify patients. The result could even be accelerated development of personalized cancer therapeutics. 


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